The Luckiest Fish In The World

Proof that the unexpected can happen.
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The Luckiest Fish In The World

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Mr Limpett

I found a Betta fish abandoned by his owner (Amanda Perkins), which was floating sideways in filthy water. Since he was solid white, and floating on his side, he was presumed dead.

When I witnessed one of his fins barely moving, I immediately went into rescue mode. I was determined to help this poor defenseless animal.

After a clean tank with fresh water and well needed food, he is doing much better. He is now getting his color back and appears to be happy. I believe he is comfortable as well.

If you are curious why I chose the name Mr. Limpett, check out the following :

This is his latest picture and expect updates as we progress:


His name has two "t"s so we don't infringe on any copyrights. LOL

Mr. Limpett passed 7/19/2023. He will not be forgotten!
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